Audio Mixing

  • Have you recorded your own music, but can't get it sounding the way you want?
  • Stuck with that "demo" quality, but want "big studio" sound?
  • Or have you recorded in a studio, made some great recordings, but are unhappy with the mixes and looking for someone else to step in?

Nowadays, it's increasingly easy to make great recordings yourself, as more and more affordable yet excellent-quality recording equipment is becoming available. However, the next stages of making a record (mixing and mastering) still require experienced ears and a top-notch monitoring environment.

With our high-end monitoring system (by Focal, with Lavry conversion), acoustically-treated studio (by GIK Acoustics), some excellent modern and vintage outboard equipment (from SSL, Phoenix Audio, Neumann, Pultec, Universal Audio and more) and the latest plug-in technology (UAD, Acustica, Lexicon)... we can get your tracks sounding MASSIVE.

Our principal engineer, Dave Evans, has over 15 years experience in making records, as well as being a qualified sound engineer (BA Hons. Sound Technology LIPA), classically-trained musician, composer, producer, DJ, and self-confessed audio geek.

We love working with all sorts of music, from acoustic folk to hip-hop, from orchestral music to modern EDM and bass music styles. We charge for mixing based on the complexity and nature of the project. Please contact us for a quote. It will probably be less than you expect!

Please have a listen to some example clips below.
All songs mixed by Dave Evans.

Bemp - 'Minor Tour'

Quirky folktronica from up-and-coming Liverpool band Bemp. Recorded in the band's rehearsal room.

Kalika - 'No'

A haunting track from singer-songwriter Kalika's debut album.